Given a Home


No need to have a gym membership when you are taking on a project of this sort. We have all gotten a great workout these last few weeks (some pretty nice tan lines too) while finishing land prep prior to planting. We went a little past our target date, and had to plant in succession as rows were completed, but as of April 16, 600 linear feet of rows have been tilled, weeded, amended, raised, planted, and mulched. It’s really looking pretty good out here, especially given the state of things just 2 months ago.

Field Before Till

February 24

Field Tilled

March 10

Rows 2

April 16






Several hop bines began breaking ground less than a week after our initial planting. Since then, close to 100% of the plants are showing at least some growth, with a few close to the length ready for training with twine.

Break on Through 1               Break on Through 3               Break on Through 2

For those interested, here are some of the specifics that went into planting:

  • Seven varieties with % total in parenthesis: Cascade (60%), Zeus (20%), Chinook (7%), Nugget (3%), Galena (3%), Brewer’s Gold (3%), Newport (3%).
  • 180 total plants (most planted with a single rhizomes, some with two).
  • Rhizomes came from Oregon, Western NC, and a few from plants I’ve been growing in Carrboro, NC.
  • Spacing between plants was 3-foot 4 inches with a 5-foot buffer between varieties.
  • Spacing between rows was 10 feet.

Up next: completing trellis construction.



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