Start to a New Season

Clover and SignAfter a long, cold winter the hops have come out of hibernation and the second season at Three Horses Hops is underway. During the month of May alone, several plants have gone from just breaking ground to nearly topping out their 12-foot trellis, with many showing signs of some early flowering. It appears this second season will bring with it an earlier first harvest, but more importantly, what kind of yield should be expected? The stronger, more vigorous growth is hopefully a sign of good things to come.

The winter months and the early spring saw a rain catchment and irrigation system planned out and installed; an explosion of crimson clover and rye; and a scramble to prune and train all the new growth. I hope to post more about these topics in the near future, but for now I really just wanted to say hello and welcome everyone to a new hop season!

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3 thoughts on “Start to a New Season

    1. threehorseshops Post author

      Hey Miles, we spaced rhizomes of the same variety 40 inches apart (everything I’ve read says 3 to 3.5 ft) and 5ft between different varieties. IMO 6 ft sounds a bit much.

      Healthy plants will send roots deep vertically. This is what you want for an established perennial plant. Here in NC, clay soil can make this difficult so proper soil preparation is necessary.


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