Meet the Guys


Justin tree-hugging cutting

A little back story on how this all got started.

Justin began growing hops in the Carrboro Community Garden two years before THH. His experience with community gardening and interest in local foods and farms dates back several years prior to that. After a successful first-season hop harvest, home brewing was a natural next step. An interest and appreciation for the hop plant soon followed.

John lives on this beautiful farm in Alamance County, which has been in his family for many years. He had several years experience with vegetable gardening and has wanted to utilize the land’s growing potential on a larger scale for some time, but maintaining over 100 acres and other responsibilities had kept the idea on the back-burner.

Alex, a Greensboro native, is John’s son and has known Justin since their days of playing hockey on the Moose in Raleigh. As the story goes, while drinking a few ‘hoppy profile’ beers on a camping trip, Alex and John starting talking about the possibility of growing hops on the farm. It didn’t take long to get Justin on board with the idea. The three met and took a tour of the community garden and John’s farm. After talking things over with a few home brews the view of a hop farm began to take shape.

John on the tractor

John on the tractor


Alex conquering the apple tree


2 thoughts on “Meet the Guys

  1. Kathy

    I drive by your place every day- very cool to see this growing! You have a great website- very interesting info.


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